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What is Express Entry and PNP in Canada ?

Any individual who is planning to migrate to Canada either as an international student or as a skilled worker or on a job offer must have heard of Express Entry and PNP. But do you know what these terms mean? What is the purpose of these and how can a person become permanent resident of Canada through these? If no then this blog is made for you. We will provide you the accurate information regarding Express Entry and PNP. So without any more discussion, let’s get started.

Express Entry…

Talking about the Express Entry first, Express Entry is the application management system for  Canadian immigration programs.Programs like

  • The    Canadian    Experience Class
  • The  Federal  Skilled  Worker Program
  • The   Federal   Skilled   Trades Program

come under the Express Entry.

In order to attain PR of Canada through Express Entry, a candidate needs to create an Express Entry profile in which he is supposed to fill some basic information like his age, gender, relationship status, his English language proficiency test score, his work experience in Canada, his educational qualification in Canada etc. After filling this data,  he  gets  a  score  which is known as CRS. Whenever the Canadian government hold a draw for Express Entry candidates, it puts forward a CRS cut off. Any candidate who has a CRS score above that cut off gets an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency thus making him eligible for PR. So, this is what Express Entry is and how it works.


Now coming on to PNP, PNP refers to Provincial Nominee Program. Every province or state in Canada invites some candidates by giving them provincial invitation. Those who are lucky enough to get the PNP get additional 600 points in their CRS which eventually makes them eligible for PR very easily. One thing to be noticed is that whenever an Express Entry draw is held for PNP candidates, the CRS score laid forward is very high as the PNP candidates are already granted with additional 600 points. However, whenever an Express Entry draw is held that doesn’t invite PNP candidates or invites candidates from other categories then the CRS is low so that candidates can easily make up the score.

Can a candidate apply for Express Entry without PNP ?

Yes, any individual who does not have the PNP can apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. PNP is not mandatory at all. However, one advantage that the PNP candidates have over the other categories is that recently, the only draws being held by the Canadian government are for the PNP candidates. The last draw held for candidates from other categories was back in September 2021. After that, the only draws being held are for PNP candidates. However, the Canadian  government  has recently announced that due to the huge backlog of applications, there will be no Express Entry draw inviting candidates from other categories. So, for now, only PNP candidates will be getting the Canadian Permanent Residency…

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