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Why are study visas being refused even if international borders are opened post lockdown…

Immigrating to foreign countries for higher studies has become today’s ritual. Globalization has connected the world together and has removed  geographical barriers. A majority of students who want to develop themselves personally and are not satisfied with the life they are living in their home country prefer immigrating to a foreign country in search of quality lifestyle and growth opportunities. The same has been witnessed in India as well. A majority of Indian students prefer countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany for their higher

studies. Let it be undergraduate diplomas or post-graduate degrees, these nations have all the courses that attract Indian students. In order to visit these countries, a student needs to have a study visa of that particular country. What has been observed lately is that many applications of students are being rejected. The thing to be  noticed  here  is  that  even after lockdown, when the economy of many countries fell to such a low level, still, study visas are being rejected. Instead of giving visas so that the students can regrow the country’s economy, they are being refused. Do you know what is the reason behind these refusals? If no then you must pay attention.

There are many reasons responsible for a refusal but the very first reason responsible for this is Huge Backlog.

As we know that countries had been in complete lockdown for a period of atleast 6 months and during this period, embassies were shut down. Due to this, a large number of applications piled up. After the lockdown was removed, the number of files to be considered were

triple the number of visa officers working in the embassy. This lead to hurry as students had been waiting too long and they wanted to move to their favoured country as early as possible. This backlog till date is not cleared as new applications are being submitted every single day and the number of files pending is not reduced.

The second reason is Low Academic Score. Low academic score is also one of the main reasons behind many refusals. It’s a known fact the more you progress in your studies, the more tougher it gets. If a student is unable to achieve a respectable academic score in his primary education then there are very few chances that he will be able to obtain a good score in his higher studies. This  doesn’t  seems  convincing to the visa officer and the application is rejected.

The next reason responsible is Unable to prove  English language  proficiency.

Many countries want their immigrants especially students to have the basic knowledge of English so that it can be used as a medium of conversation. Exams such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL are conducted to check the level of a student and his hold on the language. Many students who are unable to achieve the minimum score or obtain a score that doesn’t seems appealing to the visa officer are rejected for visa.
The fourth reason is Opting an irrelevant course. Choosing  the  right  course  will increase your chances to get the visa by 50 percent. Sometimes,

The fourth reason is Opting an irrelevant course. Choosing  the  right  course  will increase your chances to get the visa by 50 percent. Sometimes,

some students choose a course that has no relation with their previous field of study. This practically makes no sense as how can you wish to study a course that you have no knowledge of ? The application of such students are refused on the spot.

The last reason responsible behind a lot of refusals is Choosing a course that has that has no value of it’s own. Many cases are rejected due to the course they intend to study. Some courses do not provide any additional value or skill to the student. They do not turn out to be that useful as they are mentioned by the students in their SOP’s. These courses are not appealing enough to the visa officer and ultimately the file is refused.

It is to be kept in mind that many foreign countries currently are trying their best to clear the huge backlog as fast as possible so that students can arrive before their session begins. Backlog is one of the reasons but not the only reason. The above mentioned reasons also hold equal importance.
Do you know what is the most basic and important step in filling your application ?

It’s choosing the right consultant. A consultant that thinks of your dream as his own, a consultant who is trustworthy enough, a consultant who assures you that you will get your visa application approved. If you are looking for such CONSULTANT then  don’t hesitate to trust the BEST VISA CONSULTANT nearby.

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