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Most common yet neglected reasons for Canada study visa refusal…

Immigrating to Canada as an international student is a dream of many Indian students. And why would it not be, the country has everything a youngster can ask for. From personal growth opportunities to a successful career, from quality lifestyle to healthy environment, the country has almost everything an individual needs. That’s why the country has attracted and continues to attract thousands of Indian students annually for their higher education.

To immigrate to Canada as an international student, one needs to get a Canada study visa. Sometimes, getting the Canada study visa becomes a difficult task. Some unfortunate aspirants have to face a refusal as they are unable to meet the criteria required. They unknowingly make some mistakes which they realise when it’s too late. Today, we will be discussing with you some most common yet neglected mistakes   that   some  students make while filling for Canada study visa.

Now, many bright students who file under the SDS category also get refused. Despite achieving high academic score and good bands in IELTS, they have to face this situation.

The very first reason behind this is that the course they intend to study in Canada does not match with the field of study they did in their home country. Suppose, a student studied non-medical in India but he is applying for a course in Business. This in practical makes no sense as business is concerned with the field of commerce not with non- medical. This creates a negative impact on the visa officer that the student is either not going with the intention of studying or he is just picking a random course   so   that   he   can enter Canada and establish himself there. This acts as your first step towards your visa refusal.

The second mistake that many students make is in SOP. For those who don’t know, SOP refers to Statement of Purpose which actually gives the embassy an overview regarding your course selection and the benefits you will get after studying that particular course. Also, it tells them about your future whether you are willing to come back to your home country or you have some other plans.

What many students do is that they are unable to give a right explanation of these questions. They are unable to convince the visa officer through their SOP and that is why, they get refusal. The most common reason given by the visa officer behind many refusals is that the student will not return back to his home country after the completion of his study.

Also, one more mistake students make is that they don’t make their SOP themselves. Either they get it done from a professional or they let their agent do it. This is not the right move. You must make sure that you yourself are writing down your own SOP. The reason behind this is that the SOP

written by the professional is of very high level. Suppose a person has achieved 6 bands but the SOP that is presented in his file is of the level of someone who must have obtained 8 bands. This automatically makes the visa officer know that the SOP is not written down by the student himself. This creates an image that the student is not worthy enough to write his own decisions. Thus, his study visa is declined.

So you must make sure that you write your SOP yourself.

So these were some basic reasons responsible for Canada study visa refusal. If you keep in mind these common things while applying for Canada study visa then there is no chance that your application will be refused. We hope this turned out to be informative for you.

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