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Points to keep in mind if considering to immigrate to Canada…

Immigrating to a foreign country is not an easy task at all. It may seem very simple theoretically but in practical life, there are several things that are to be known regarding the country you are planning to immigrate to. Nowadays, many Indians are immigrating  to  Canada.  About lakhs of individuals are moving to Canada annually. Let it be as international students or as permanent residents, people are influenced with the quality lifestyle, healthy environment, work opportunities and quality health services that are provided by the country. But, there are certain things that you should know before making a decision which will give you a clear view of your future in Canada.

1 Climate of Canada

There is no lie in saying that Canada is a cold country. The climate of Canada is mostly cold throughout the year. Some exceptions are always there but most provinces of the country experience cold weather. In some areas, the temperature can drop down to as low as -45 degree celsius. If you are planning to come to Canada then you must be prepared to experience extreme winters.

2 Socializing issues

Canada is a very modern and busy country. The citizens of Canada are workaholics. They love to work a lot. They are so indulged in working that they are not good at socializing with the immigrants. As a newcomer, you may feel isolated during your initial days as you will not have anyone around you to talk to. If you have made a decision to come Canada then you must ensure that you make yourself mentally strong enough to tackle this problem.

3 Numerous opportunities

Canada is known as the land of opportunities. The country values talented one’s. If you have talent and the skills required to perform a specific task then you will surely succeed in your career. From skilled labours to white collar jobs, each and every profession is given equal respect and dignity. There is no discrimination on the basis of profession. Every individual is considered equal and that is what makes Canada special.

4 Taxes in Canada

Taxes in Canada are very very high. The taxes in Canada are basically divided into 2 categories.

  • Federal
  • Provincial

Federal tax basically refers to the tax percentage levied by the central   government.  Whereas the Provincial tax is the tax levied by the province. The provincial tax varies from state to state whereas the federal tax is same for every individual across the country. The tax is calculated on the basis of a slab system. There is a direct relationship between the income of an individual and the percentage of tax he is supposed  to  pay.  The  more is the income, the more will be the tax payable.

Is Canada worth it ?

The most crucial question everyone planning to come to Canada comes across is that is it worth coming to Canada?. Now, there is no direct answer to this question. It depends upon the mentality of the person. Some people have the urge to become successful in life and   they   are   willing   to  give whatever it takes. Whereas some individuals always have a back up plan. They will try their best but if they are unable to make it, they are ready to return back to their home country. If you are willing to give your 100 percent and ready to face every challenge that comes in your way then you should definitely come  to Canada as it  will make your life better and you will experience personal growth.
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