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Achieve 9 bands in reading easily with DAVESAR..

Many aspirants planning to give the IELTS exam or preparing for it find the reading module as the most difficult of all. They find it as a very complex task and fear that they will not able to achieve their desired band score. But what if we tell you that you can easily score more than 7 bands in the reading module. You will be surprised, right ? Well this is the truth. You can easily achieve your desired band score if you read this text attentively.

When it comes to the reading module, the very first step that one needs to take is to find out whether he can prepare by himself or needs coaching. Every individual knows his level and know where he stands.Some students are fully confident of themselves and know that they can obtain their desired band score all by preparing themselves but some students are aware of the fact that they need coaching if they want to clear the exam. But, choosing the right coaching centre is also very important. If you didn’t knew then we would love  to  tell  you  that  we  are among the top IELTS and PTE coaching institutes in Amritsar. We have a team of certified trainers that focus on every student. Also, our institutes have compact class sizes that ensure there is a healthy conversation between the trainer and the students and no student feels left out.

Moving on, the second step that one must take is practice as much  as  possible.  The reading exam is all about being efficient. For those who don’t know, in the reading exam, an attendee is supposed to attempt 3 passages in 1 hour. All the three passages have a total of 40 questions. To achieve a score of 6 bands, one has to get atleast 23 answers right. This can only be done if one is practicing enough. Here at DAVESAR, we focus on  making students practice as much as possible.We regularly provide them with reading material that they are supposed to attempt the same day. Moreover, the passages are thoroughly discussed to ensure that doubts of every student are cleared.

The third and a very crucial step one needs to take is to perform time management. The reading exam is all about effective time management. You must know that how much time you need to devote to every question in order to achieve your desired score. Some students find it very difficult to figure this thing out. These students need not worry as we got your back !

Our reading material is a combination of both simple and complex text structure. This makes a student know that how much time he needs to invest in each type of question. Also, our trainers are worthy enough to help you out if you urself are unable to figure it out.

We, DAVESAR CONSULTANTS just have one aim in mind which is to fulfil your dream. Let it be student visa, visitor visa, tourist visa or IELTS and PTE, we have 10,000 plus satisfied clients who feel blessed to come to DAVESAR..

If  you  too  want  to  fulfil   your dream of studying abroad then don’t hesitate to contact the BEST VISA CONSULTANT   in Amritsar.

You can contact us at +91 9814315346 or can visit our branches in Amritsar, Ludhiana and Chandigarh.

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